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How does it work-Rent to buy

How Black Tip Auto can assist you in acquiring a car?

Black Tip Auto offers a unique rent-to-own car subscription service to individuals in South Africa. We enable you to drive and eventually own any vehicle, no matter its age.

Here's a straightforward three-step process to securing your car:

1. Apply:

Submit your application either at our partner dealerships or online. You'll receive an instant decision, followed by a request for a few verification documents like your ID, driver's license, and bank statements for validation.

2. Drive:

Once approved, we purchase your chosen car from the dealership and lease it to you through a subscription. Your fixed monthly payment includes the rental fee, comprehensive insurance, a GPS tracker, and VAT.

3. Buy:

You can opt to purchase the car at any point for a decreasing buy-out price. After leasing for 5 years (60 months), you can buy the car for R5,000. Alternatively, you can continue leasing or return the car after the initial 6 months.

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